What is a water birth?

water birth

For many moms, a water birth makes the birthing experience less painful and soothing. Wondering if you are an ideal candidate for water birth? You already know that a warm bath can soothe sore muscles and help you relax. It makes sense, then, that for many moms a water birth – when your labor, delivery…

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Essential Oils for Baby’s Nursery

esssential oils for the nursery

Essential oils can benefit each member of your family, even your little ones. No matter the stage you’re at—preparing for the birth of a new child, or watching your baby grow into a toddler, essential oils can play a daily role in raising your baby. Store some useful essential oils in your nursery to have…

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Our Emotional Health

amygdala and your emotional health

Did you know that the area in our brains responsible for much of our emotional health is a small little almond shaped structure called the “amygdala”? Our amazing brain is constantly operating complex systems that determine our overall health. To my science loving friends, I applaud you for the extensive research and understanding that your…

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